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Dinghy Park Rules:

Anyone applying for a dinghy park allocation to store their boat are confirming that it is adequately insured  with cover of at least £2,000,000 against third party claims. 


A dinghy park allocation is not transferable. 


Boats and trailers may be parked in the designated dinghy park on the terms set out. 


Application for permission to park boats and trailers on Club Property should be made to the designated  dinghy park co-ordinator. No boats or trailers should be parked before the application has been granted and  fees paid. 


The Club reserves the right to refuse an application. 


The Club reserves the right to move any boat or trailer to any other part of the Club property if necessary  without prior notice being given to the Owner. 


It is the Owners responsibility to ensure that the boat is safely secured in the event of adverse weather  conditions. 


The Club does not accept any liability for the loss of or damage to any boat or trailer however caused, other  than as a result of negligence on the Club’s part. Boats and trailers shall at all times be left at Owner’s risk. 


The Club will set the fees to be charged in the subsequent year at the Annual General Meeting. 


The Club reserves the right to ask an Owner to remove their boat and/or trailer at any time. This will  normally only be in the following circumstances: 

(i) The Owner has ceased to be a member of the Club. 

(ii) The Owner is indebted to the Club and has not discharged his debt within twenty-eight days of being  asked to do so. 


The Club reserves the right to remove and dispose of a boat or trailer after; 

Not less than one months notice has been given to the Owner, asking them to remove their property and  telling them that if said property is not removed, the Club intends to dispose of it, as it sees fit. 


The Club is under no obligation to obtain the best price for any boat or trailer disposed of. If a boat or trailer is disposed of by the Club, then the Club shall be entitled to any sale proceeds.