Shotley Sailing Club (SSC) has the sole right to grant licences for the laying of moorings on the North side of the River Stour. A detailed plan of the area is available to any prospective applicant.

Applications for moorings should be made to the Mooring master via the committee


SSC collects dues on behalf of:

1)  Harwich Haven Authority (HHA). HHA are responsible for the administration of all traffic and activity in the harbour.

2)  Crown Estates. The river bed is owned by Crown Estates and ground rents are payable for the laying of moorings.


These dues are all included in the annual Licence


Conditions of Licence


 - Licences will be granted annually and issued on receipt of payment of licence .


 - Preference for moorings positions will be given to Club members.


 - The allocation position is temporary and is reviewed annually although every effort will be made to give licensees the same       position every year. The licence and/or position is not transferable


 - Any vessel using a licenced mooring must have a minimum of £2,000,000 third-party insurance.


 - The laying of the mooring is the responsibility of the licencee who is liable for the condition of the mooring, and for regular         inspections to ensure that it remains in good order.


 - The position of the mooring will be given as a grid reference, but at the point of laying, consideration should be given to any       other moorings in the vicinity.


 - The mooring should be clearly marked with its number


 - Licence fees will be determined by SSC and are payable annually, fees are due on 1st.April, in the event that the fee is not      paid by 1st. May the SSC are authorized and responsible in conjunction with the HHA to remove the mooring. Licence fees      include all dues payable to HHA and Crown Estates


 - Any information regarding the mooring holder and any vessels using the mooring is shared with HHA.


 - Moorings are not to be used for commercial operation16s