Members holding a current Senior, Junior or Adult / Family Membership the latter including immediate partner are eligible for inclusion in the draw.

Names are drawn from the current membership list. Please note all members on the list have been given a revised number currently set between No 1 & 152 

A copy of the numbers list is available to view within the club.

The draw will be made on Friday evenings starting 1st November 2019 at 21.30 hrs with members present encouraged to purchase a Beveridge from the Bar prior to the draw taking place.

The initial draw amount will be: £ 30.00 with an upper limit total of £ 250.00

If not won, the amount will increase each week by £ 10.00 until won.

If the upper limit is achieved the final draw will be made from only the members who are present at the club on that particular evening. 

Full notice will be given via the SSC Facebook page, Club website and noticeboard of date / time of final draw.


Draw winnings will be paid up to £100.00 in Cash, or over £100.00 by Cheque or BACS as arranged.


1st   Nov.     Glen Marsh -             £   30.00          Not present

8th   Nov.     Harry Wallhead -     £   40.00          Not present

15th Nov.     Colin Darroch     -    £   50.00          Not present

22nd Nov.     Wendy Leeks -        £   60.00          Not present

29th Nov.     Derek Davis -            £   70.00          Not present

6th    Dec.     Ross Taylor -             £   80.00           Not present

13th Dec.     Sandra McIntyre -   £   90.00           Not present

20th Dec.     John Wright              £ 100.00           Not present

27th Dec      Lisa Mackenzie         £ 110.00           Not present

3rd    Jan       Aiden Webb              £ 120.00           Not present

10th Jan       Mo Benner                £ 130.00           Not present

17th Jan       Alan Britton               £ 140.00           Not present

24th Jan       Cyril Harris                 £ 150.00            Not present

31st Jan        Carl Taylor                 £ 160.00 -          WINNER